Can You Save Money on Cremation and Still Celebrate Your Loved One’s Life?

Did you know that the average American funeral costs nearly $10,000? For many families, this amount of money is simply out of reach. While many people do carry life insurance, this does not always cover all the necessary expenses associated with burial. Many more do not have any life insurance, leaving their families with the responsibility of paying for their final expenses.

Whether you are planning the burial of a loved one or worrying about your own final expenses, cremation may be an affordable alternative to a traditional burial. There are many reasons to choose a cremation company in Hayward. Cremation is comparatively cheaper than a traditional funeral and burial, but one of the most convincing reasons is the money you and your loved ones stand to save by doing so.

How much does cremation cost?

The actual cost of cremation depends on which additional services your family chooses. The national average for cremation is just over $2,000—significant savings when compared to traditional burial. However, that price can quickly climb when adding additional services to the bill.

What else might influence cremation costs?

The urn or container your loved one’s ashes are returned to you in will generally be a basic or temporary one. This is designed to hold the remains until your family decides on a different container. You may choose a different container upfront, which will add a nominal cost to the overall expense.

Adding services to the burial process makes the real difference in price. If you want a traditional funeral or viewing, you will need to pay for the services associated with that. That may include renting or purchasing a casket, renting space, and paying staff, as well as embalming and other fees.

If you are worried about cost, talk to a cremation company in Hayward, CA, about a direct cremation. From there, plan a private gathering of those you care about to memorialize your loved one without going into debt to do so. To learn more contact Holy Sepulchre Cemetery & Funeral Center today.

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