Beverage Processing: Meeting Customers’ Expectations

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Beverages

In the United States, beverage processing plants are part of an intricate system of food and beverage manufacturing facilities spread throughout the country. They supply products for further processing or direct consumption. California is the state possessing the most Food and beverage processing plants followed by New York and Texas. This complex and large industry consist of many multi-tiered supply chains. It is also one of the most heavily regulated industries in America.

Demands on the Industry

A highly competitive business, companies are also faced with the demands of various groups. All these individuals affect how the company is able to perform its role effectively. Those who have the most profound effect on the ability of a company to perform are:

* Stockholders – They are constantly expecting the company to increase the profit margin. They want the company to make money
* Government officials and regulatory bodies – They expect the company to maintain certain standards in terms of employee and beverage safety. Companies also must now pay attention to the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes
* Employees – They want to be given a fair wage and perform in a safe workplace environment
* Competition – They call for a company to come up with innovative, yet affordable means of producing, marketing and successfully selling the beverages to customers
* Customers – This group expects to be able to purchase a quality product at a reasonable price

Such demands place a company CEO under significant pressure to create the right product – one that meets everyone’s expectations, but particularly those of the customer.

Meeting the Customers’ Expectations

A beverage processing company must meet the expectations of its customers if it is to be successful. Without a solid customer base, the company cannot hope to survive, let alone proper. It begins with an understanding of this group’s expectations. Customers insist on products that

* Taste good
* Are attractive to look at – both in terms of packaging and beverage appearance
* Are consistent – in other words, every bottle or can provides the customer with the same taste experience
* Provide worry free consumption i.e. they are safe to drink

These are the basic requirements a beverage producer must meet to achieve customer satisfaction.

Meeting these Demands through Beverage Processing

Meeting the demands of customers is not simple. It demands an innovative and methodic approach. One of the means at a producer’s disposal is the use of technology. Today, processing plants can utilize the latest technology to provide their consumers with a quality product that is consistent with their expectations every time. At the same time, the right equipment will be energy efficient, sanitary, safe to work with and cost-effective. By meeting these requirements, the right beverage processing machinery abets the producer in making not only customers, but also meeting the demands placed on the company by its stockholders, government regulatory bodies and employees.

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