Benefits Of Working For A Home Care Agency

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Healthcare

As the US population ages more people are in need of help at home and the need for home help is growing. Not everyone over 60 needs medical supervision, but they often need help with daily tasks and house cleaning. If you are the type of person who truly enjoys helping others, you may want to look into working for a home care agency.

The Benefits of Working for an Agency

Probably one of the best benefits of working for an agency full time is the benefits! Self-employment as a home care provider means that you don’t get health insurance, sick days or vacation time, no 401K or retirement benefits. When you work for an agency you will can have all these benefits, plus you don’t have worry about employers who skimp on your pay, because ‘we’re friends,’ and ‘money is tight this month.’

Personal Satisfaction of Helping Others

When you work for a home care agency, you get the personal satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life. You may be the only thing standing between a client living in the comfort of their own home and living in a convalescent home surrounded by strangers. Your help with their daily activities such as getting dressed, using the bathroom, cooking, taking medication, housekeeping, and maybe most important, companionship, makes all the difference in the world to your clients.

An Agency Provides Jobs and Support

Working for an agency to provide in-home support means that you can count on having steady work and an office staff for support when dealing with clients and their families. Working for a home care agency such as Capital City Nurses, based in Washington, D.C., also provide seminars to further your training and experience. Capital City Nurses has multiple locations to work from. Call them today for hiring information at 301 979-7860. You can connect them on Facebook for more updates!

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