Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors at Parker, CO Senior Living Communities

by | Jul 14, 2023 | Assisted Living Facility

For men and women residing in assisted living communities, access to the outdoors provides mental and emotional benefits. Being outdoors regularly can contribute to a person’s overall well-being. People looking to move to one of the senior living communities in Parker, CO might want to focus on those with a sizeable courtyard and walking paths. This gives residents the chance to get out in the natural environment regularly.

Mental Stimulation

Being outdoors offers mental stimulation, which has benefits for cognitive function and memory. Trees, flowers and other plants stimulate the senses and provide points of interest. There’s a chance to explore. Memory care residents might like hearing the names of various plants and talking about them.

Calming Effects and Mood Boosting

The natural environment also has a calming effect on emotions and is known to boost mood. Residents appreciate a sense of reduced stress and anxiety while being outdoors at senior living communities in Parker, CO. Their spirits are lifted when they’ve been having a rough time.


Interacting with other residents and visitors in this pleasant environment enhances social engagement. Disabled individuals residing in assisted living may not get outside as much as they used to. Sitting in the courtyard or meandering on the paths with friends and relatives is a welcome activity. They may be able to enjoy snacks and beverages together at a table in the shade.

A Sense of Freedom and Connection

Assisted living residents may feel a sense of freedom and connection to the larger world while spending time outside. As with any place of residence, the outdoor environment is less structured.

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