Benefits Of Choosing Veneers In Chicago

Most people have considered cosmetic dentistry at least once in their lives because they have seemingly thousands of solutions for common aesthetic dental problems, including stained teeth, a chipped tooth, and more. While solutions vary from place to place, almost every cosmetic dentist offers veneers in Chicago.

What They Are

A veneer is made of porcelain and is a very thin covering that goes over your existing teeth. In essence, they are a shell that is created to look exactly like the tooth it’s covering, which is bonded (glued) to your tooth’s front.

Why Consider Them

A porcelain veneer could be the best choice for you because they’re thin, small and allow you to customize the hue, optics, and color to match current teeth. Likewise, they can make your teeth stronger, especially those that are already fragile or worn. Plus, you won’t have to have any teeth removed and replaced with dentures or implants.


The main advantage most people find with veneers in Chicago is that they can be customized and designed to look just like your teeth. You don’t have to have surgery or remove some teeth, and you don’t have to drill holes in the teeth and have crowns. They can be less expensive than other methods, as well.

Likewise, a veneer can be used to cover up a crooked tooth or a gap between teeth without extensive orthodontic work.

Many times, a cracked or chipped tooth doesn’t require specialty treatment, such as a crown, but may still be aesthetically bothersome to the patient. You can place a veneer over the chipped or broken tooth to cover it up without extensive surgery.

Veneers in Chicago are the perfect option for many people and many aesthetic problems.

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