Back Pain Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Back pain is simply a pain that people feel in their back. It is not important for this paint to only be limited to the back to be classified as back pain. As long as it originates from there, it can be called one.

Diagnosing Back Pain

Before a patient is ready to receive back pain treatment, they’ll need to undergo tests and scans to highlight the problem that they are facing. Tests will typically include an MRI and other tests related to the movement of different muscles and bones. Sometimes people owing to their condition may be unable to get an MRI, for such patients a CT scan is an ideal alternative.

The Treatment

The primary goal of providing a patient with back pain treatment in Jacksonville, FL is to give them pain relief and if there is impairment in mobility. The treatment will also look to restore normal movement. The treatment for back pain is different for certain individuals. The treatment will depend on the patient’s history with the pain. Usually, back pain treatment can relieve patients from pain in a matter of six weeks without the need to undergo surgery.

While the treatment provided by your chiropractor will ultimately heal you, they may recommend a few home treatments that you can use to help ease the pain. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. Ice Packs and Heat

Hot and cold therapy has been one of the oldest techniques used to relieve pain. They are tasked with trying to reduce inflammation. Ice packs and heat can be used separately, but alternating between both is known to be the most effective.

2. Rest

The easiest and most obvious thing to do when you feel chronic or continued back pain is to change your routine for a while and give your back the least amount of stress and pressure. Resting, and ceasing normal day-to-day activities for a few days can help relax your injured tissues and allow them more time to heal. What you need to make sure though, is that you rest only for a handful of days. A longer rest can weaken the body, making it unable to properly support the spine.

3. Exercise

In addition to rest, a good chiropractor will ask their patients to exercise their muscles. It will help the muscles adapt to the needs of the spine and gain strength. People that stay away from regular exercise are often ones that experience recurring back pains.

While back pain treatment is not uniform for everyone, making sure you get it done by the best chiropractor institutions such as Absolute Injury and Pain Physicians is essential for complete recovery.

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