Assisted Living Facilities: One Type of Elderly Care

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Senior Care

When a senior reaches a certain age, his/her loved ones begin to worry about the future. They are not certain whether any in the family will be able to provide them with the level and quality of care he/she might require. Fortunately, diverse options exist out there to address specific needs and lifestyles. Among them are assisted living facilities. In Asheville NC, these fall into a distinct category of elderly care.

Two Types of Elderly Care

Seniors today have a wide range of housing options and levels of care available to them. They address the different conditions that can affect an elderly individual. Among the most common are:

  1. Own home: This is called aging in place. It indicates the senior is capable of living At home – usually with the support of a family caregiver and/or a visiting home care service. This may be temporary if the aging process attacks memory capacity and/or results in increasing health, including mobility problems.
  1. Assisted Living: This combines a certain amount of independence with communal living. It adds the safety of nursing staff available to address individual needs and other staff to provide required care.

Choosing Assisted Living Facilities In Asheville NC. 

Many elderly individuals and their caregivers choose assisted living facilities In Asheville NC over other forms of care. These types of facilities provide a safe and nurturing environment for their residents. They also ensure the reliable maintenance of a certain level of independence. This provides an ideal blend of security measures with a certain amount of individual autonomy.

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