Are RSCs the Right Packaging Solution for You?

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Shipping

What does RSC stand for?

It means regular slotted container. All the flaps of the box are of the same length. It’s one of the most common packaging options companies go for out there.

Why choose RSC?

Opting for regular slotted containers is an economical choice. Since the flaps of the boxes are of the same lengths, the box is cost-effective to manufacture and use. Companies that want to save on packaging and shipping costs can easily resort to this option.

What about protection?

If the contents of the containers require additional protection, companies can put in corrugated fiberboard over the top of or bottom of the containers. The addition of fill-in pads can also help provide extra protection and security. These features will largely depend on you finding the right manufacturer to provide you with these options.

What about designs?

Regular slotted containers or RSCs can be chosen from a range of designs. Printed options are also available. Because of the standard size of RSCs, these are often the go-to choice for many companies. That’s why a lot of suppliers provide quality selections and designs for these containers.

What about the price?

These boxes are easy to use for all types and sizes of products. It can also handle light-weight items to heftier ones. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of companies go with RSCs. It ideally combines two qualities companies love: quality and low cost.

What about custom options?

While RSCs are available, there are custom options you can go for as well if these don’t get the job done. Just make sure you get them from reliable suppliers, says Business.Org.

With custom solutions, you can easily find packaging that’s tailored to address packaging issues specific to your products, whether these involve size, style, quantity or more. If you want packaging that could help your company save on operational costs, explore these options as well.

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