Appliance Maintenance Secrets to Live By

We all have that nightmare: that one day, the washer, fridge, or stove will break down on you while you’re in the middle of finishing up a million tasks. While it’s true that your appliances won’t last forever, they can still last longer with maintenance and care. To make sure that day is still many, many years away, here are a few maintenance secrets to keep in mind.

Cleaning helps a lot

Getting rid of the dust, gunk, and mess in your fridge helps. Mop up spills when you find them and clean the coils behind or beneath your fridge. You can use a vacuum to make your life easier. Cleaning will put less strain on your unit’s motor, effectively prolonging the service life of your refrigerator, the HouseLogic says.

Watch out for signs

Pay attention to the signs that your appliances are having problems. If a lot of your food items are going stale much too soon, that could be caused by a problem in your fridge. Does the light inside your microwave work? When did it stop working? Start paying closer attention and you’ll be able to see signs to warn you if it’s already time to call for appliance repair in Marrero.

Mop up spills ASAP

It’s tough to get rid of gunk and baked on crud. One way to make cleanup easier is to wipe up spills as soon as they happen. That’s going to prevent gunk from hardening and making your cleanup a miserable time. That also keeps the substance from ruining the finish on your stove. Hot, soapy water can also do a lot to get those stains and hardened spills off in no time.

Pick a good one

Badly done repairs will lead to more problems. Hire a reputable technician for appliance repair in Marrero when you need help. Check out the company’s reputation and online reviews. That’s a good place to start.

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