An SSD Lawyer in Bucks Helps Clients Improve Chances for Approval

Facing the prospect of long-term or permanent disability can be scary and depressing. The person wonders whether the quality of life will ever be good again and how to make ends meet financially. Filing for Social Security disability benefits is an important step. Since so many initial claims are denied, hiring an SSD lawyer in Bucks to assist with completing the paperwork is advantageous.

Claim Denials

A person who files a claim without professional help may receive a denial notice. Usually, this happens because the paperwork was not filled out properly, or the person failed to prove disability with the correct documentation. The administration may want more evidence that the applicant cannot or should not be working full-time. An SSD lawyer in Bucks can appeal the denial and provide representation at any required hearings.

Verification of Disability

This lawyer knows which documentation an applicant needs to gain approval. The patient might need verification of a disability from more than one medical practitioner. At least one should be a specialist in the person’s particular illness or injury.

If the client cannot work full-time because of a psychological condition like social anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, this must be confirmed by at least one psychiatrist. A person who can no longer perform physical labor must explain why a job that involves sitting is problematic. Perhaps back pain prevents sitting comfortably for long stretches.

The organization represented at Leventhal Sutton & Gornstein provides contact details at their website for individuals needing to file for disability benefits.

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