An Aspiring Female Jazz Artist Should Ask Themselves These Questions

Whether you are currently a student or struggling to make ends meet, your career as a female jazz artist can be challenging, time-consuming and tiresome. Therefore, before making the decision to have this career, it is important that you answer specific questions that will help you tell if you are ready and fully willing to do what needs to be done.

Do you/can you listen to yourself?

Almost every family music artist listens to themselves in order to hear how they sound and if they are on-key. If you currently don’t record yourself singing or vocalizing, then you need to start immediately. This way, you will be able to hear yourself how others will hear you and make any necessary changes.

Another consideration is to listen to others. While you may have a distinct style that is your own, it’s important to hear other professionals and how they sing. It will help your style and help you be a better listener to yourself.

Do you practice?

It is imperative that you practice jazz every single day, even if you can only do so for an hour. However, once you start practicing an hour every day, it is then time to bump it up and start practicing for two or three hours. In essence, you want to be practicing five to seven hours each day for at least two to three years before you’ll start to see improvement in yourself and start getting ready for the big leagues.

During your practice, you should consider all major modes, all keys, variations, arpeggiation, tempo and more. It’s not about doing what is comfortable, but doing everything possible to become better.

Do you play the piano?

If you don’t play the piano already, learn now. It is critical to know how to use the piano to learn the language of jazz. A female artist has to learn and fully understand how harmony works, and a piano is the best way to do so.

Do you have the time and energy?

You will likely be practicing for upwards of 10 years before becoming somewhat competent as a jazzy musician. Most people have no idea that it takes that long to learn and master as much as you can in order to even begin your career. If you don’t have the time and energy to devote 10 years of your life to learning something, you may want to consider another field and play for yourself.

A female jazz artist has a lot of work ahead of her to be successful and happy. Visit Sylvia Brooks’ website today to learn how one woman has mastered her career before making a decision for yourself.

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