All About a Strep Test in Jacksonville and Why it Might be Needed

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Healthcare

A common test performed in hospitals or a doctor’s office is for strep. It’s often a rapid test with results coming back within an hour. The test could be sent to a lab for further clarification if there are still concerns as to whether the patient has strep or not. Here are a few details about this kind of test and when it’s sometimes needed.

Sore Throat

A common reason why a strep test in Jacksonville, FL, is performed is if you have a sore throat. While a sore throat isn’t always an indication that you have the illness, it’s something to consider, especially if you have a history of frequent strep throat or if you have a fever.


When you go to a doctor for a strep test in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll usually have a rapid test performed. This is a simple test that looks for any antigens that trigger a response by the immune system. If your doctor thinks that your symptoms could indicate strep and the test is negative, then a culture of your throat could be ordered. A culture typically takes about 48 hours to get back, but it can provide a better look at whether strep is present.


If you notice that your lymph nodes are swollen or if there’s pain when you swallow, then you should consider having a strep test performed. These are common symptoms of the infection, especially when it first begins. Antibiotics are usually ordered for treatment along with avoiding foods that could irritate the throat.

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