Advantages of a Battery Backup over a Generator

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

When it comes to backup power, there are two main options. You can either have a generator or a battery backup. Generators are great if power is out for a few days, but can be a hassle to drag out and set up I the middle of a storm. Battery backups are instant and, if configured properly, do not have to be turned on once the power goes out. There are many reasons to get a solar battery backup in NJ or your local area.


Unlike a generator, a battery backup is going to be completely silent. This will be good if your neighbors would be bothered by the noise, or if you are in an apartment and cannot run a loud generator. If you choose to use a solar backup solution, then not only is operation silent but so is charging.

Zero Maintenance

One of the biggest issues with generators is that they require maintenance. This is especially true with generators that are only used when the power goes out. The gas in the carburetor on these can dry up and leave a resin behind that will gum up the carburetor and cause the generator not to run properly. A battery backup, however, does not require any maintenance if you get sealed batteries. If you do not get sealed batteries, then you may have to refill the water occasionally, but this is all you will have to do.

When it comes to backup power, then generator was once the indisputable king, but now battery backups are taking over. They are quieter and easier to use since they do not require regular maintenance. If you get enough batteries, then you will still be able to run everything you could on a generator but without the need to go out in the rain and set it up.

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