A Wrought-Iron or Steel Commercial Door in Texas Provides Security and a Beautiful Entrance

Business owners need a strong door that will protect their shops, employees and customers. However, they also need a Commercial Door Texas that is as attractive as it is secure. Their front door is the first thing that most of their clients and customers see. It has to be stylish and emit the aura of success. Steel and wrought iron doors are becoming popular choices. Craftsmen create custom designs that allow in light, while discouraging almost all intruders. No one would guess that these elegant and airy designs are the strongest doors possible.

A company representative meets with the business owner to determine the type of door that they want. Businesses that are located in southern coastal areas often want hurricane-rated doors that can resist strong winds and rain. These are designed to meet the stringent new Florida building codes. The company representative and business owner will then determine how much of the door design should be metal or glass. There are doors that have large glass panes that are covered with a custom wrought iron design. The glass can be completely transparent, or it can be opaque privacy glass. Opaque glass can have a pattern etched into it to complement the wrought iron design. Light is allowed to pass through, but the interior view is obscured. This is perfect for office space while retail shops usually prefer clear glass. To know more, click here.

Companies that are most concerned with security will select a Commercial Door Texas that is more steel than glass. This doesn’t mean that it has to look like it belongs is a correctional facility. Designers can create a strong steel door that has enough glass in it to look stylish and friendly. The reinforced glass is difficult to break. The lock is placed away from the glass area, so it would be difficult to reach after the glass is broken. A security alarm can be installed that would immediately detect the broken glass. The steel at the hinges makes it almost impossible to kick the door in.

Cantera Doors is one of the companies that can provide custom commercial doors made from steel and wrought iron. They are happy to provide a free estimate.

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