A Quick Guide to Criminal Breach of Trust in Singapore

As Criminal Breach of Trust is considered a serious offence, a guilty person can either be fined or sentenced to up to 20 years of imprisonment. However, numerous high-profile cases of Criminal Breach Of Trust Singapore brought in amendments to the Penal Code.

Even today, the term criminal breach of trust is still not known to several ordinary citizens. This article will quickly run you through some important elements of the same. Let’s start.

    1. What are the Elements of CBT?

Some of the most prominent elements of criminal breach of trust are as follows:

  • Entrustment

It implies that an individual doesn’t receive the funds or properties for their own usage. Instead, they are provided with goods to supervise or have control over the same in a certain manner.

  • Permitting Others

Even if you don’t misuse property or money yourself, you might be guilty of CBT. It’s because you might have permitted others to misuse the property or money dishonestly.

  • Misappropriation or Conversion

Conversion or misappropriation are quite similar. And at times, certain acts can be dealt with as either conversion or misappropriation. However, most CBT cases deal with the misappropriation of property.

The Criminal Breach Of Trust Singapore is regarded as an arrestable offence. So, if you are reasonably suspected of committing CBT, then the police have the right to arrest you without any warrant. In fact, it is entirely up to the policy or the court to determine your release on bail.

Also, remember that if you are ever convicted of CBT, then you will have a criminal record against your name.

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