A Few Things to Know About Pediatric Dentistry in Sparks, NV

When it comes to the dental health and hygiene of a child, it’s important to note that he or she has different needs from those of an adult. Good pediatric dental hygiene should start at home, but it still requires the help of a dentist. Most dentists recommend that regular visits begin either at one year of age, or no more than six months after the first baby teeth begin to come in.

The major difference between Pediatric Dentistry in Sparks NV and practices focused on providing dental care for adults is that pediatric dentists are required to complete an additional two to three years of training. This training allows them to focus on the specific needs of children, and helping them transition from primary teeth into adult dentition. They also receive training in regards to dealing with young children and associated behavioral issues. All these extra years of schooling on the part of pediatric dentists is intended to create a comfortable environment for children, whose early dental habits can go on to impact the rest of their lives.

Regular visits are important for children, because finding signs of issues such as tooth decay early make it much easier to treat them. Adult teeth begin coming in earlier than many new parents think. By the age of six or seven, most children are already beginning to lose their primary teeth. By this time they should have already established a trusting and comfortable relationship with their dentists, in addition to having received early assessments for correcting improper bites and straightening teeth.

Pediatric dentists can also perform tooth repairs, and provide care for any dental injuries that come up over the course of a child’s growth into adulthood. The main difference in regards to how this care is provided is that the offices are designed with children in mind, and all associated staff will be experienced in dealing with their unique needs and quelling any potential anxiety.

In addition to providing for children’s unique needs, pediatric dentists also work with parents to educate them about how to promote good dental health. Advice is often available for teaching children to give up pacifiers at the appropriate age, encouraging a healthy diet, and preventing injuries. Parents in search of advice about Pediatric Dentistry in Sparks NV can visit  for more information, or to find a qualified dentist.

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