6061 Aluminum Plate – Some Advantages to Consider

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

In the manufacturing field, the quality of the material you use to create products is of the utmost importance, as it determines whether or not your product will indeed meet your customers’ needs. One of the most popular metals used today is aluminum—specifically, aluminum alloy 6061. A 6061 aluminum plate has a wide range of applications due to its many benefits.

6061 Aluminum Plate Uses
The most common aluminum alloy used for general purposes is 6061 aluminum, with its alloying elements being magnesium and silicon. This heat-treatable alloy is used in various structural applications, particularly for heavy-duty structures.

Typical applications include driveshafts, valves, couplings and brake components. You can also use this versatile alloy for electrical fittings/connectors, camera lenses, bicycle frames, transport and marine fittings as well as aerospace and aircraft components. The alloy is usually available in the following forms: a rod, pipe, bar or tube. However, other extruded profiles are often available.

6061 Aluminum Plate Properties
6061 aluminum features many properties that make it a highly useful metal. For instance, it has good corrosion resistance to both atmospheric conditions and sea water, weldability, brazability and formability. This aluminum alloy also is known for its good toughness, workability and medium to high level of strength. It does not machine well as 7075 or 2024 aluminum can, but it is still useful in several machined-part applications where you don’t need metal alloys with higher strength levels.

6061 Precision Plates
A 6061 aluminum plate features high flatness and thickness tolerances that set it apart from those of other alloys. Its physical and mechanical properties are far better than those of cast products. Working with these types of plates and anodizing them are easy because they are finished with a strong satin brush.

Multiple brands of plates are available on the market today, including the Kaiser Select Precision Plate and Hulamin M-61. Even after sawing, the tolerances are guaranteed with the Kaiser plate. This means faster setups, fewer setups and longer runs as well as less scrap. A reputable provider of 6061 aluminum can help you easily generate products that meet and even exceed the user’s expectations.

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