3 Creative Elements to Add to Indian Marriage Cards

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Wedding Service

Whether you are planning a traditional Indian wedding or simply enjoy the look and style of the culture’s esthetic, sending out Indian marriage cards to your loved ones can be an exciting and creative way to announce your upcoming nuptials. These cards are usually quite versatile and as a result, there are several fun and creative elements you can have added to them by a professional wedding card company.

1. Photos

Whether you choose scroll or tri-fold Indian marriage cards, adding photos to them can help add a personalized touch to your invitations. Consider adding your favorite engagement photo as a background to the invitation or have several smaller photos serve as the top or bottom border of the paper. Ask your wedding card printing company which photo style might be the best choice for the type of paper you have chosen and whether the photos you have chosen should be edited or enhanced before you submit them for use.

2. Personalized Envelopes

Personalizing your marriage card envelopes can not only enhance their appearance but they may also serve to remind their recipients about the commitment you are about to make. Your wedding card printer may be able to include personalized touches such as the initials of your and spouse’s first names or custom embossing that features your full names. Scrollwork around any personalization can also help enhance the aesthetic of the Indian marriage cards you send out.

3. Custom Artwork

Many printing companies that specialize in Indian-themed wedding invitations can add custom artwork to any selection. Whether you appreciate nature themes or would like something that truly symbolizes your union, be sure to take the time to choose artwork that most reflects your personality but is suitable for your budget as well. A professional printing company that specializes in Indian marriage cards can help you realize your creative vision and produce wedding invitations that your guests can treasure forever. Visit regalcards.com.

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